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Polyclonal Antibody (Expressed Protein by Elabscience) -EPG003


There is an obvious difficulty during the process of custom antibody production service. That is, the produced antibody has a very specificand sensitive reaction with the immunogen, but the negative Western Blot results are often produced, which wastes much precious time and expenditure and mainly results from the unreasonable design of the antigens. The experts of antibody technology from Elabscience offer the following solutions:

1. Individualized antigen design: Use native protein or recombinant protein (partial area) as much as possible as the immunogen, which can enormously improve the antigenic specificity. When polypeptide is used as antigen, analyze the hydrophilia and hydrophobicity of the antigen, predict the secondary structure and tertiary structure of the protein, use the hydrophilicand bare area of the protein as much as possible, and choose more than 2 peptides as the antigens if necessary.
2. Multiple immunization strategies: According to the different antigens, hosts and final applications, Elabscience can design the optimal immunization plan.
3. Optimized affinity purification: Produce and obtain more specific antibodies using antigen affinity purification.
4. Rigorous quality controls: Detect the subtype,specificity and ELISA titer of antibodies with a variety of methods.

Polyclonal Antibody (Expressed Protein by Elabscience) -EPG003

Contents Delivery StandardsPrice and Turnaround Time
1. Obtaining or synthesizing genes and expressing proteins. 4.5~5 mg proteins (2~2.5  mg used for immunization, 2.5 mg used for purification)
2. 1 goat immunized
 1. Serums before immunization
 2. ELISA results, titer>300,000
 3. About 40 mg purified antibody
 4. Remaining proteins

Ordering process:

1. Inquiry. Any questions you can communicate with our customer service representatives, and with the help of them,you need to fill in the Antibody Demand Information Form.and send to
2. We will finalize your application requirements for the antibody in accordance with the Antibody Demand Information Form, and we will also inform our antibody designers of your specific demands.
3. According to your applicationre quires for the antibody, our antibody designers will carry on the antigen design (Omitted if the antigen supplied by customer), the antibody production design as well as the project plan preparation. The project plan will be submitted to you to be confirmed.
4. Our customer service representatives will submit the electronic contract to you after you confirm the project plan and price. As soon as you confirm the electronic contract, our customer service representatives will confirm it executed via fax.
5. You need to transfer accounts as agreed and pay up for the services in accordance with the contract. A full refund you can get if we can not finish the service as agreed.
6. Our company will carry out QC for the various raw materials you provide for the antibody. (Omitted if the materials are supplied by Elabscience.)
7. The project starts, and we will start to produce as soon as we confirm your full payment and the raw materials pass the QC.
8. You can log in our website at any time to inquire and track the progress of the project.
9. The final inspection report of the custom antibody productions will be submitted to you to be confirmed by our technical support. And the production delivery will be arranged as well.
10. Delivery within 2-3 business days in China, and 3-7 business days abroad.
11. Inspection and acceptance of production. Our technical support can also help with the inspection and confirmation of the custom antibody production.
12. Any quality problems you can ask for the after-sales service.

Our customer service representatives are available 9 hours [8:30 am-5:00 pm(Beijing)] a day, Monday through Friday, to assist you.

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