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Custom Guaranteed Antibody Service


Elabscience has a unique antibody production technology. We intend to use this new service package: Western-guaranteed peptide polyclonal antibody package to satisfy your need for quality antibodies that generate positive Western blot results.


For the Western guaranteed Peptide Polyclonal Antibody Package, Elabscience guarantees to deliver polyclonal antibodies which generate positive Western blot results with ELISA titer of 1:100,000 or better. Otherwise, we will restart the project free of charge until guarantees are met.

HostCat. No.NameAntigenTimePrice($)
NZ White RabbitEPR005WB GuaranteedSynthetic Antigen by Elabscience18-19w4200more
EPR006IHC GuaranteedSynthetic Antigen by Elabscience18-19w4200more
EPM005Titer GuaranteedSynthetic Antigen by Elabscience15-16w2000more
EPM006WB GuaranteedSynthetic Antigen by Elabscience18-19w2300more
Boer goatEPG005Titer GuaranteedSynthetic Antigen by Elabscience19-20w6000more

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