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Stable Cell Line Services for Assay Development


Stable Cell Line Services for Assay Development

In vitro assays based on gene engineered cells play crucial roles in modern drug discovery processes. Especially for GPCRs and ion channels, multiple trans-membrane proteins, the cell-based assays are dominant in chemical library screening. There are many stable cell lines and assay techniques are developed to model human bodies. With expertise on cell line generation and assay development, Elabscience offers your Gene-to-Assay solution for your drug discovery project.

Elabscience has developed a Ready-to-Assay GPCR & Ion Channel Cell Line Collection which is available as product for your order. If you can’t find the stable cell lines of your interests, please choose the service to customize your stable cell lines with our available assays or other assays upon your specifications.

Service Package

Elabscience utilizes 2-round selection strategy for GPCR and ion channel stable cell line generation upon different applications. To reduce the cost and timeline, Elabscience chooses HTS-compatible fluorescence- or luminescence-based assays to screen stable clones in the 1st round selection. In 2nd round selection, radioisotope- and electrophysiology-based assays are available upon your applications. For nuclear receptors, transporters, and other targets which have no ready HTS-compatible assays, Elabscience offers mRNA or protein level assays as alternative solutions.

In addition, Elabscience can develop a new assay upon your specifications. Please feel free to contact us for technique support.

Quotations and Ordering

1. To request a quotation, please download and complete the Quotation/Order Form, and send it to us by email or fax.

2. To order, please download and complete the Quotation/Order Form and send it to us by email or fax with a formal PO (Purchase Order) or credit card information.

3. If submitting samples, please mail them together with a hard copy of the completed Quotation/Order Form

4. For questions about recombinant protein expression, or to inquire about the status of your order contact us by email, phone, fax.

5. Our customer service representatives are available from Monday through Friday to assist you.