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Peptide Service

Peptides have occupied an important position in the molecular biology for its unique application advantages.

Peptides can create peptide antibodies in animals targeting on specific site without the need of purification. Researchers design peptide sequences and immune rabbit, mouse and other animals with the synthesized peptides to get required antibodies. Taking peptides as the tool, researchers can indentify proteins of interest by mass spectrometry based on peptide masses and sequence.

Peptides have recently been used to study structure and function of proteins. Labeled synthesized peptides can be used to examine where the protein-peptide interact. Inhibitory peptides are applied in clinical to examine their inhibiting effects on cancer proteins and other related diseases.

Elabscience® provides peptide synthesis service of different quality and purity range. The quality can be from mg, g to kg. The purity covers crude, desalted, 70%, 75%80%85%90%95% and 98%. The peptides with amino sequence within 30 can be delivered within 2~3 weeks. We also provide peptide modification service such as amidation, phosphorylation, isotopic labeling, biotin labeling.