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Antibody IHC Operation Guide Video

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This video is about how to operate antibody IHC experiment. For each reaction, there is a demonstration, so that the experimenters can better understand the IHC process.

Paraffin section immunohistochemical principle:
Fix the sample, then embed it into paraffin, dewaxing and microwave repair antigen of the embed tissue sections, add 3% hydrogen peroxide to block endogenous peroxidase, primary antibody combine with target protein, 4 ℃ incubation for the night, 37 ℃ rewarming for 30 min, wash clean by PBS and add secondary antibody incubation 35min (secondary antibody combine with primary antibody), wash clean then add chromogenic agent, secondary antibody's tag react with chromogenic agent.After coloration add the stain nucleus with hematoxylin, 1% hydrochloric acid alcohol differentiation, washing back to blue then dehydration seal, air-dried then watch positive expression distribution under the mirror.
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