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ProteinCT's Visit to Elabscience


On September 27, 2013, Kate, the CEO of ProteinCT visited Elabscience friendly. Kate arrived at 8 am, our CEO, Technical Supervisor, Sales Manger and Sales Representative of American market accompanied her to visit Cell Culture lab, Antibody lab, Molecule lab, Quality Control Department, Production Department and Market Department of Elabscience.

After visiting around our company, Kate highly praised Elabscience's strong technical strength, strict quality control systems and standardized production procedures. She said Elabscience really did a great work in the past few years and it will become more and more standardized and powerful in near future. We also talked about the American market situation and its development trends.

With mutual efforts, we believe that we’ll better understand customer's needs and perfect the product line and service of Elabscience.

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