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Antibodies-Online's First Visit to Elabscience


On Oct 11, Antibodies-online visited our company- Elabscience.

When showing our friends from afar around our facilities, they think highly of our QC procedures, and they suggest it will be much convincing if these datasheets and pictures during detection could be attached in the products. Besides, they praised our environment-friendly material used in the package.

Then, we sit together, sharing mutual experience and exchanging good ideas together.

Our boss tells of the tough beginning when setting up Elabscience, its transformation, status quo and development strategy. Dr Andreas, the Managing Director of Antibodies-online also talks about the accumulation of Antibodies-online and his aspiration during establishment.

Referring to market and products, Mr Phillip, the Head of Business Development of Antibodies-online gives us good suggestions.

At last, the meeting ends at a harmonious atmosphere.

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