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Application of Plant Fiber Desiccant in Packing ELISA Kits


From August, 2013, Elabscience starts to use plant fiber desiccant in packing ELISA kits. This behavior indicates our continual efforts in the process of environmental -protection.  

The plant fiber desiccant is elaborated from pure natural plant fiber by special technology. Its saturated moisture absorption rate can reach its own weight (25℃, RH=100%), which is three times of the common Silicon Gel. In addition, it is safe, healthy and non-toxic with 100% natural degradation.

This kind of plant fiber desiccant is currently the most novel environmental desiccant, and it completely conforms to the standards of EUP, MIL-D-3464E, DIN 55473 and JIS Z 0701.  

In the course of environmental protection, we, Elabscience, will continuously pursue environmental materials to create better user experience of our products.

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