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Distributor Recruitment


Elabscience is a high-tech biotechnological company,specializing in reagents of immunodiagnostic technology. It offers more than 20,000 products, including ELISA kits, CLIA kits, Antibodies, and Proteins.

Besides, Elabscience has established seven technical service platforms , including ELISA Customized Service, Immunoassay service,Molecular Biology Service, Protein Expression and Purification Service,Antibody Preparation Service, Cell Culture Service and Whole Research Project Service,to provide one-stop experimental service with professional knowledge, facilities and attitude.

Elabscience is aligned with, and responsive to, our customers’ ever-changing needs,making Elabscience a preferred partner.

Elabscience has been accumulated a lot experience in development of new gene and protein,it will be constantly putting more efforts in improving Technology and developing edge products.

Nowadays, our customers and distributors are over 50 countries globally.

To become official distributor of Elabscience, you need to be equipped with following conditions.

1.   Devotion to Elabscience and willingness of long-term cooperation.

2.   Independent business entity qualification, sales qualification of biological reagents.

3.   Excellent business reputation and good state of operation.

4.   Positively push products of Elabscience and maintain its good brand image.

If you’d like to share superior products and potential market in your region,please join in our big family.

Please download and fill Distributor Application Form then send it to us.

Our advantages:

High Stability: Antibody is an active substance. Its activity is easily affected by temperature, ionic concentration and other protective reagents. In order to better protect its natural construction,Elabscience has developed professional stabilizer SV1.0 to protect its antibody precoated in micro wells. Elabscience also developed protective agent for otherreagents containing standards, and labeled antibody.

Full Range of Products: At present, our products covers 10 species,with a portfolio of 20,000, involving several research areas.

Efficient Delivery: Elabsciencehas efficient production team and first-class equipment, ensuring delivery in 3 to 5 days after receiving the order from sales department and greatly shortening your waiting time.

Perfect Technical Support: Elabscience owns awell-trained after-sale team with solid background of professional knowledge. They are good at leading customers and effectively solve problems for customers.

Comprehensive Market Support:Signed distributor could enjoy multi market support of Elabscience, including: discount, promotion literature, and payment terms to help you carry out market.

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