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New Product--Biotin Labeling Kit


Biotin is a small molecule with a molecular weight of 244.31Da. After activation,Biotin can bind with protein, antibody and other biomacromolecule. The derivative it forms not only maintains the original bioactivity of the biomacromolecule, but also exhibits multistage signal amplification effect after binding with avidin. Biotin-Avidin-System is now widely applied in qualitative or quantitative detection and localization observation of antigen or antibody .

The Biotin Labeling Kit of Elabscience applies activated biotin and has been optimized to determine the optimum labeling ratio of biotin to antibody. The whole reaction takes place in a filtration tube. The biotinylated antibody can be used directly after centrufugation without dialysis or gel filtration. It only takes 90min to complete the whole experiment.

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