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Elabscience Embraced Its 2014 Mid-Year Sales Meeting


On July 29, Elabscience witnessed its mid-year meeting where all the salespersons of Elabscience gathered together to review their past work. Mr Leng, the managing director, was invited to attend the meeting.

At the meeting, both domestic and foreign trade salespersons reported their performance in the last half year. They made detailed data analysis and summary of their customers and distributors, talked about personal growth and improvement, and planned for their work in the next half year.

2014 is a year when Elabscience enjoys rapid development. From January to June, its total sales rose steadily with a double growth than the same period last year.


Growth trend of the first half of 2014(Take January as a benchmark)


Comparative growth rate over the same period in 2013

2014 is a year when Elabscience goes deeper into the global market. Until now,Elabscience has established extensive and in-depth distribution system in 45 countries with its products introduced to over 200 countries.

2014 is a year when Elabscience accomplishes systematic construction of its sales team.The salespersons are offered more sound training system and technical support.Based on the competence and personality of every salesperson, the training system enables them to improve their specialized knowledge and sales skills so as to offer more professsional and attentive service for the customers.

At the end of the meeting, Mr Leng made a comment on the work of all the salespersons. He spoke highly of their work while pointing out their shortcomings. He encouraged everybody to perfect their job through more reflection and innovation with a view to hitting the yearly target.  

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