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Elabscience Hold 2014 Annual Summary Conference


On Jan10, 2015, we Elabscience hold annual conference in our company. The conference attendants included: Yibin Leng, our Director;Abnel Wong, our manager and all of our colleagues of R&D department, Production department, Technical department and Marketing department.Mr.Wong hosted the meeting.

At the meeting, each of us made a report on our work in 2014 and formulated our plans for 2015.Our supervisor of production department analyzed the problems in production and provided specific solutions;Our supervisor of R&D department crafted a detailed plan for new year; Our technicians shared methods to communicate with customers. We talked with each other in a harmonious atmosphere.

After all of us finished the reports, our director highly appreciated our performance and progress in 2014 and encouraged us to keep up our good work and make greater progress and development with Elabscience in 2015.

Regarding to the particular programs, our director concluded two points, Firstly, Elabscience will complete our management process:bring in advanced facilities and expand our production scale. Secondly, for ourselves, improve our work efficiency: arrange time reasonably, boost work initiative, enhance work execution, pay attention to work feedback, and actively offer valuable suggestions for company’s development. Grow up together with Elabscience!

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