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CliniScience's CEO Visited Elabscience to Strengthen Cooperation


On October 11, 2016, CliniSciences’s CEOTushendan RASIAH visited our company to discuss how to enhance collaboration. CliniSciences was founded in 1981 and we have maintained good cooperative relations.


Manager Wangshows him around our company, such as sales department, product department, laboratory, new office building... During the visit, Manager Wang introduced ourtechnology platforms,“We have established five technology platforms,including molecular biology, cell biology, protein expression, antibody generationand immunology.”


After the visit,manager Wang held a meeting with him,Tushendan RASIAH said that their company’s first main business is media for cytogenetics and they have the sincerity and capacity for cooperation.He also suggested that wecan enrich information about product manuals and literatures which will improve customers’ experience. Manager Wang expressed his gratitude to Tushendan RASIAH and pointed out that: “Elabscienceare trying to solve these issues to meet customer needs. ” Moreover, manager Wang and Tushendan RASIAH discussed how two sides can strengthen partnership as well as develop sales.


In addition, we know this is Tushendan RASIAH’s first visit in China. He doesn't know beans about Chinese culture and their way of life. Manager Wang introduced Chinese culture to him and invited him to enjoy traditional Chinese food, they had a nice lunch. 

Both sides described the meeting as positive. Tushendan RASIAH said: “The visit to Elabscience was worthwhile, I have a deeply understanding to Elabscience, I know the long term plans of the company and learn more about the new products.” Our manager Wang considered that while consolidating existing cooperation results, the two sides will further coordinate with each other to steadily promote antibody's cooperation. “After this meeting, we will develop a partnership of mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation.”

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