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Elabscience Achieved Success in 7th SEAVSA Congress 2016


Our company has participated in 7th South East Asia School Veterinary Association (SEAVSA) Congress 2016 and National Conference on Medical Health Sciences 2016.

The 7th SEAVSA Congress 2016 was held on 13th-14th October 2016,the theme is Emerging & Reemerging Diseases in SEA:One Health Initiatives in Veterinary & Medical Education.The National Conference on Medical Health Sciences 2016 was held on 17th-18th October 2016. 

The exhibition has almost 400 registered participants, including 200-250 come from South East Asia,and the left were come from School of Medical Health Sciences. As a professional biology reagents producer, we showed our product advantages to the participants. Some simple quizzes were given to them for better knowing about our company. The participants were impressed with the wide range of our reagents including ELISA kits, antibodies, labeling kits, proteins…


As for the most of the participants come from Veterinary Schools, Animal Research Center,Department of Immunology,Department of Physiology etc.We focused on introducing ELISA kit and antibodies for them. At the end of the congress, participants said it was a good chance to know our company. Our charger said it was a good chance to show our brand, products and professional skills to potential customers. Participating exhibition is a bridge between supplier and customers for better knowing each other.

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