Neurological Diseases - Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy


Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), a progressive neuromuscular disorder, is a severe type of muscular dystrophy. The main symptom of DMD is muscle weakness associated with muscle wasting with the voluntary muscles eing first affected, especially those of the hips, pelvic area, thighs, shoulders, and calves. The symptom of muscle weakness usually begins around the age of four in boys and worsens quickly.

ELISA Kits for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Research

Cat. No. Product Name Detection Range Sensitivity Test Method
E-EL-H1436 Human DMD(Dystrophin) ELISA Kit 0.16--10ng/mL 0.09ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H2533 Human DAG1(Dystrophin Associated Glycoprotein 1) ELISA Kit 0.31--20ng/mL 0.19ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H0439 Human TTN(Titin) ELISA Kit 0.16--10ng/mL 0.09ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H5642 Human PLEC(Plectin) ELISA Kit 0.63--40ng/mL 0.38ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H2248 Human DCN(Decorin) ELISA Kit 1.25-80ng/mL 0.75ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H1755 Human SMN1(Survival of Motor Neuron 1, Telomeric) ELISA Kit 31.25--2000pg/mL 18.75pg/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H0742 Human NOS1/nNOS(Nitric Oxide Synthase 1, Neuronal) ELISA Kit 0.16--10ng/mL 0.09ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H0649 Human cTn-I/TNNI3(cardiac Troponin I) ELISA Kit 0.39--25ng/mL 0.23ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H1772 Human OCT(Ornithine Carbamoyl Transferase) ELISA Kit 0.47--30ng/mL 0.28ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H0493 Human AR(Androgen Receptor) ELISA Kit 0.31--20ng/mL 0.19ng/mL Sandwich

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