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Buy Two Metabolism Assay Kits, Get One Protein Assay Kit Free


Elabscience® has developed three protein content test kits with different principles. It contains a complete set of reagent and standards required for protein detection, and is accompanied by detailed operating instructions, which can help you quickly obtain accurate and reproducible results, save time and efficiency, have good performance, and comprehensive coverage, which can meet the protein content of customers in various samples.

Elabscience® BCA method for total protein test kit is optimized on the basis of the original method:

  • 1. Good accuracy and high repeatability
  • 2. Long shelf life, more convenient storage

During the event, customers who buy 2 metabolism assay kits can get a protein detection kits for free.

Valid Time: Mar 30 - Sep 30, 2021

To get more details, please email, we will get back to you ASAP.

The optional protein assay kits are listed in the table below.

Product Name Detection Range Sample Type
Biuret Protein Colorimetric Assay Kit Suitable for high concentration samples such
Biuret Protein Colorimetric Assay Kit 0.373 g/L 0.373-80 g/L as serum (plasma)
Bradford Protein Colorimetric Assay Kit 0.046-0.6 mg/mL Suitable for serum, plasma, animal tissue
Bradford Protein Colorimetric Assay Kit 0.026-1.2 mg/mL
BCA Protein Colorimetric Assay Kit 0.0165-1 mg/mL Application are wide, suitable for a variety of samples

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