Ophthalmic Diseases-Congenital Cataract


The term congenital cataract refers to a lens opacity present at birth. Congenital cataracts cover a broad spectrum of severity: whereas some lens opacities do not progress and are visually insignificant, others can produce profound visual impairment. Congenital cataracts may be unilateral or bilateral.

ELISA Kits for Congenital Cataract Research

Cat. No. Product Name Detection Range Sensitivity Test Method
E-EL-H1519 Human CRYαB(Crystallin Alpha B) ELISA Kit 0.16--10ng/mL 0.09ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H0861 Human EphA2(Tyrosine protein kinase receptor A2) ELISA Kit 78.13--5000pg/mL 46.88pg/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H0777 Human COL2α1(Collagen Type II Alpha 1) ELISA Kit 0.63--40ng/mL 0.38ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H1094 Human VIM(Vimentin) ELISA Kit 7.81--500ng/mL 4.69ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H1126 Human TGM1(Transglutaminase 1, Keratinocyte) ELISA Kit 0.31--20ng/mL 0.19ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H0384 Human CYP1B1(Cytochrome P450, family 1, subfamily B, polypeptide 1) ELISA Kit 0.16--10ng/mL 0.09ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H2009 Human FTL(Ferritin, Light Polypeptide) ELISA Kit 3.13--200ng/mL 1.88ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H1098 Human FOXC1(Forkhead Box Protein C1) ELISA Kit 0.16--10ng/mL 0.09ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H0260 Human ACTα1(Actin Alpha 1, Skeletal Muscle) ELISA Kit 0.31--20ng/mL 0.19ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H0171 Human TF(Transferrin) ELISA Kit 1.56--100ng/mL 0.94ng/mL Sandwich

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