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Happy Birthday to Elabscience's Mascot Erie


Hello everyone, my name is Erie, the mascot of Elabscience! I was born in Elabscience this sweet family a year ago. My master held a grand activity for me "Prize for A Name". Thanks for all of you giving me such a meaningful name: Erie. From now on, I'm your rabbit doctor Erie: Elaborate, Reliable, Intelligent and Efficient. 

As my first birthday is approaching, let's take a look at some of the changes in my family over the past year. Through this year, we have launched Flow Cytometry Antibodies, Peptides, Biochemical Kits, Colloidal Gold Test Kits and Chromatographic Media. On the other hand, we keep optimizing the products lines of ELISA Kits, CLIA Kits, Proteins, Antibodies and Labeling Kits. Besides, we have participated in AACR, AAI and SFN Exhibition, deeply communicated with experts and scholars from all over the world. Distributors from US, Japan, Australia, France, Netherland and Malaysia have visited us, to discuss the future of Biotechnology. 

Thanks a lot for our customers' support, and thanks for everyone's effort from Elabscience family. In the future, we won't forget our original faith and push ahead. Love you all!

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