Pediatric Diseases - Neonatal Jaundice


Neonatal jaundice or neonatal hyperbilirubinemia, or neonatal icterus , attributive adjective: icteric, is a yellowing of the skin and other tissues of a newborn infant.A bilirubin level of more than 85 μmol/l (5 mg/dL) leads to a jaundiced appearance in neonates.Jaundiced newborns have yellow discoloration of the white part of the eye, and yellowing of the face, extending down onto the chest.

ELISA Kits for Neonatal Jaundice Research

Cat. No. Product Name Detection Range Sensitivity Test Method
E-EL-H1816 Human G6PD(Glucose 6 Phosphate Dehydrogenase) ELISA Kit 0.31--20ng/mL 0.19ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H2181 Human ALB(Albumin) ELISA Kit 3.13--200μg/mL 1.88μg/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H0109 Human TNF-α(Tumor Necrosis Factor Alpha) ELISA Kit 7.81--500pg/mL 4.69pg/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H2396 Human PEX2(Peroxisomal Biogenesis Factor 2) ELISA Kit 0.31--20ng/mL 0.19ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H2333 Human AMACR(Alpha-methylacyl-CoA racemase) ELISA Kit 0.16--10ng/mL 0.09ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H1792 Human PT(Prothrombin) ELISA Kit 9.38--600ng/mL 5.63ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H1012 Human γGT1(Gamma Glutamyltransferase 1) ELISA Kit 1.56--100ng/mL 0.94ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H0102 Human IL-6(Interleukin 6) ELISA Kit 7.81--500pg/mL 4.69pg/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H1507 Human HP(Haptoglobin) ELISA Kit 12.5--800ng/mL 7.5ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H1552 Human VWFCP/ADAMTS13(Von Willebrand Factor Cleaving Protease) ELISA Kit 0.31--20ng/mL 0.19ng/mL Sandwich

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