Urological Diseases-Glomerulonephritis


Glomerulonephritis (GN), also known as glomerular nephritis, is a term used to refer to several kidney diseases (usually affecting both kidneys).Glomerulonephritis refers to an inflammation of the glomerulus, which is the unit involved in filtration in the kidney. This inflammation typically results in one or both of the nephrotic or nephritic syndromes.

ELISA Kits for Glomerulonephritis Research

Cat.No. Product Name Detection Range Sensitivity Test Method
E-EL-H0815 Human CFH(Complement Factor H) ELISA Kit 23.438--1500ng/mL 14.063ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H2008 Human CFHR5(Complement Factor H Related Protein 5) ELISA Kit 0.156--10ng/mL 0.094ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H0804 Human C3(Complement 3) ELISA Kit 7.813--500ng/mL 4.688ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H0189 Human C4a(Complement Component 4a) ELISA Kit 1.563--100ng/mL 0.938ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H0816 Human CFI(Complement Factor I) ELISA Kit 2.344--150ng/mL 1.406ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H0823 Human C4b(Complement Component 4b) ELISA Kit 4.688--300ng/mL 2.813ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H1062 Human PLA2R1(Phospholipase A2 Receptor 1) ELISA Kit 0.156--10ng/mL 0.094ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H0110 Human TGF-β1(Transforming Growth Factor Beta 1) ELISA Kit 31.25--2000 pg/mL 18.75 pg/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H1970 Human PR3(Proteinase 3) ELISA Kit 0.156--10ng/mL 0.094ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H2181 Human ALB(Albumin) ELISA Kit 3.125--200μg/mL 1.875μg/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H1901 Human NPHN(Nephrin) ELISA Kit 0.156--10ng/mL 0.094ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H2585 Human ICAM-1(intercellular adhesion molecule 1) ELISA Kit 78.125--5000pg/mL 46.875pg/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H2049 Human CFHR1(Complement Factor H Related Protein 1) ELISA Kit 0.625--40ng/mL 0.375ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H0035 Human sCD40L(Soluble Cluster of Differentiation 40 Ligand) ELISA Kit 62.5--4000pg/mL 37.5pg/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H0817 Human CFP(Complement Factor P) ELISA Kit 1.563--100ng/mL 0.938ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H2013 Human SYNPO(Synaptopodin) ELISA Kit 0.156--10ng/mL 0.094ng/mL Sandwich
E-EL-H0002 Human ACE(Angiotensin Ⅰ Converting Enzyme) ELISA Kit 0.781--50ng/mL 0.469ng/mL Sandwich

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