Polyclonal Antibody Service

Customer information *
Customer name: Ho Yew Fei Phone: +60168988958
Institution: Biolution Resources Email: info@biolutionresources.com
Antigen provider *
Customer provides antigen
Service type*
  • Ascites preparation (1 cell line)
Antibody information *
Intended use For research use
  • Western Blot
Host No specific demand
Purification method Antigen affinity purification
Label No need to label
Quantity demanded minimum amount required initially
Antigen information *
Toxicity No
Antigen name Fungus Cell harmful to plant, but not to human and cell
Swissprot/Antigen sequence
Species Other
Antigen form liquid culture brorh or culture on petri dish
How to dissolve it if it's powder?
Quantity 1g
Tag NA
Buffer NA
Storage room temperature
Conjugation Is antigen conjugated No
Does your antigen need to be conjugated and which kind of conjugation can be used?
No need to be conjugated