Yeast Expression

Customer information *
Customer name: lucia cesarini Phone: 3400531240
Institution: university of Perugia Email:
Service type *
  • Expression in small amount and purification
Protein information *
Protein name: Lanosterol 14-alpha demethylase
Species: Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Swiss Prot/Sequence: P10614
Expression system: No special demand
  • Other:in vitro metabolism assay
Purity: > 95%%
Endotoxin concentration: removal (if possible)
Concentration: 1.0mg/ml
Amount: 10 ug
Special requirements: we don\'t have special requirements for the concentration. We need this enzyme for metabolism assays, but we just need a small quantity for a first try (to evaluate if the enzyme is active) and to set the protocols. Could you possibly produce just a small quantity for us to use as a first try?