Polyclonal Antibody Service

Customer information *
Customer name: Ho Yew Fei Phone: +60168988958
Institution: Biolution Resources Email: info@biolutionresources.com
Antigen provider *
Customer provides antigen
Service type*
  • Ascites preparation (1 cell line)
  • Polyclonal antiserum preparation
Antibody information *
Intended use For research use
  • Western Blot
  • Immunoprecipitation (IP)
  • 10
  • Flow cytometry (FC)
Host New Zealand White Rabbit
Purification method Antigen affinity purification
Label HRP
Quantity demanded minimum amount required initially
Notes the antigen is whole fungus cells
Antigen information *
Toxicity No
Antigen name Fungus
Swissprot/Antigen sequence
Species Other
Antigen form liquid or powder
How to dissolve it if it's powder?
Quantity 1g
Tag na
Buffer na
Storage room tem[perature
Conjugation Is antigen conjugated No
Does your antigen need to be conjugated and which kind of conjugation can be used?
No need to be conjugated