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Elabscience Publication Reward


Elabscience is always dedicated to help scientists and researchers in life science field by providing elaborate, reliable and strictly quality-controlled products manufactured in house. And we really appreciate your hard work on the research subjects and want to thank you for using our products.

From now on, if you have published a paper by using any of our products since 1/1/2019, fill out the Elabscience Publication Reward Application Form carefully and send it to, we will get back to you with the reward after we confirm it ASAP!

Free products equivalent to designated amount of money for your future purchase at any time!

Impact Factor



60$ in free products


200$ in free products


300$ in free products


500$ in free products

Terms and conditions

1. Use Elabscience’s products for your research.

2. Have published any papers with citing the catalog NO., or “Elabscience”, or our website: in articles.

3. This promotion is valid for all the products in

4. One reward per article.

5. The free products will be delievered by our local distributors in priority.

6. The end user might have to defray the additional freight for the free products from our local distributors to destination.

7. The PDF article need to be sent to us by email for our further confirmation.

8. The vouchers are only for the products purchase, not for other use.

9. Articles might be applied for our marketing use.

10. Void where prohibited.

11. Elabscience reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of this promotion without notice at any time.

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