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Plant stress resistance

There are many plant-related factors in the environment, and they are in dynamic change. Plants have certain tolerance limits to each factor. Once the environmental factors change beyond this tolerance limit, there will be environment stress. After a long period of stress exercise, plants have evolved a series of mechanisms to resist adverse environments, which is the resistance of plants to environment stress. These stresses can lead to metabolic changes in plants, resulting in changes in the contents of reactive oxygen species, proline and secondary metabolites. Plant stress resistance is mainly used in cold-resistant, hot-acclimation, breeding screening of resistant plant varieties and so on.

plant stress resistance

In order to meet the needs of researchers for rapid detection of material content and enzyme activity, Elabscience® provides you with biochemical kits for the detection of various metabolic indicators produced by plants during adversity stress. Our biochemical kits are easy to operate and have strong repeatability, which can save time and promote efficient.

Product name Size Price
Proline (Pro) Colorimetric Assay Kit 50 Assays/100 Assays $240/$360
Plant Flavonoids Colorimetric Assay Kit 50 Assays/100 Assays $180/$260
Total Phenols Colorimetric Assay Kit (Plant samples) 100 Assays/200 Assays $220/$350

【Product example】Plant Flavonoids Colorimetric Assay Kit(E-BC-K284-S)

Technical parameter

1. The sensitivity of the kit is 0.315 μg/mL.

2. The intra-assay CV is 1.9 % and the inter-assay CV is 2.2 %.

3. The recovery of the kit is 98 %.

4. The detection range of the kit is 0.315-150 μg/mL.

Standard curve

Plant Flavonoids assay kit Standard curve

Case Analysis

 Plant Flavonoids assay kit Case Analysis

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