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Renal biomarker

Renal function refers to the function of kidney excreting metabolic waste, maintaining the stability of sodium, potassium, calcium and other electrolytes and the function of acid-base balance. The changes of creatinine clearance rate, serum creatinine and blood urea nitrogen can be used to determine the normality or impairment degree of the renal function. For example, when chronic renal function is impaired, the creatinine clearance rate decreased. While the serum creatinine is still within the normal range, which is a mild impairment of renal function. If serum creatinine also increased, it is moderate damage.

Renal function research

Elabscience® has collected biochemical kits related to renal function research to assist your scientific research.

Product name Size Price
Uric acid (UA) Colorimetric Assay Kit 50 Assays/100 Assays $150/$200
β-N-acetyl-glucosaminidase (NAG) Colorimetric Assay Kit 50 Assays $200
Urea (BUN) Colorimetric Assay Kit (Urease method) 50 Assays/100 Assays $120/$150
Creatinine (Cr) Colorimetric Assay Kit (Picric acid method) 50 Assays/100 Assays $120/$150
Urea Colorimetric Assay Kit (Diacetyl oxime method) 50 Assays/100 Assays $120/$150
Creatinine (Cr) Colorimetric Assay Kit (Sarcosine oxidase method) 96T $180

【Product example】Uric acid (UA) Colorimetric Assay Kit(E-BC-K016)

Technical parameter

1. The sensitivity of the kit is 0.58 mg/L.

2. The intra-assay CV is 1.8% and the inter-assay CV is 2.6%.

3. The recovery of the kit is 105%.

4. The detection range of the kit is 0.58-100 mg/L.

Standard curve

UA assay kit Standard curve

Case Analysis

UA assay kit Case Analysis

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