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Uncoated ELISA Kits

Elabscience® Uncoated ELISA Kit contains the basic components used in ELISA experiments. For customers who have rich experience and can establish their own ELISA system, Uncoated ELISA Kit is an ideal choice to save costs. This series of kits provides an easy-to-use and flexible option, and is a cost-effective alternative to Pre-Coated ELISA Kit.

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Advantages of Uncoated ELISA Kits

Pretreatment and optimized

Matched antibody pairs and Micro ELISA pre-Plate are carefully screened and validated, greatly reducing the waste of time and money in the establishment and optimization of ELISA system.

Flexible packaging

Flexible packaging of various specifications to meet the testing requirements of different sample quantities.

Multiple targets

Over 300 Uncoated ELISA Kits extensively cover different targets in a variety of biological processes and sample types.

Multiple detection method

Kit provides the Capture & Detection Antibody and HRP Conjugate. In addition to complete colorimetric ELISA with Micro ELISA pre-Plate, chemiluminescence CLIA or other methods can be tried.


Cost-effective, for those who want to flexibly adjust coating concentration and match their own buffer solution to save costs, and explore detection system of special sample types, is the best choice.

Kit Contents

Capture Antibody
Reference Standard
Micro ELISA pre-Plate
Biotinylated Detection Antibody
HRP Conjugate

Hot Selling Uncoated ELISA Kits

Ancillary Reagent Kit

Elabscience® offers a 5-plate Ancillary Reagent Kit that contains all the single component reagent needed for the experiment :ELISA Plate Coating Buffer(5×), ELISA Plate Blocking Buffer, Sample Diluent, Biotinylated Antibody Diluent, HRP-conjugate Diluent, Wash Buffer for Sandwich-ELISA(25×), One-component TMB Substrate, Stop Solution(5×), Plate Sealer . Please refer to the instructions for a list of reagents needed

Cat.No Product Name Size
E-ELIR-K001 ELISA Ancillary Reagent Kit 96T*5

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