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EGFR Signaling Pathway

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EGF EGFR EGFR PLC PIP2 IP3 DAG Ca ++ Muc1 c-Cbl Vav NcK Rac1 Rho Rho Pathway MDm2 XIAP Caspase Ras Raf SOS GRB2 SHC E-cadherin β-Catenin P-STAT1 P-STAT1 P-STAT3 P-STAT3 P-STAT1 P-STAT3 P-STAT1 P-STAT3 PI3K PDK1 AKT PKC P-IKK CaMK MEKK1/2 ERK1/2 mTOR P70 s6k C-Src PAK1/PAKa MEKK1 MEKK4/7 JNKs P-Jak1/2 P-Jak1/2 P53 c-Myc EphB1/Elk1 NF-κB c-Jun c-Fos
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