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MAPK-JNK Signaling Pathway

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TRADD MAP2K1 MAP3K4 MAPKKKs: MAP2K4/7 JNK1/2/3 MAP4K1 MAP3K7 MAPKKs MAP3K5 DLK COT MAP3K10/11 MAPK8IP1/2/3 TAO1/2 TRAF2 DAXX RIPK ABL1 JUN P53 ATF2 HSF1 ELK1 SMAD4 NFATC3 NFATc1 STAT3 MLKs ABL1 JNK JNK GCK PI3K PI3Kγ CRK SOS RAS RAC RAC RHO 12/13 Gβγ CDC42 CDC42 CRKL IRS1 NO 14-3-3 14-3-3 14-3-3 14-3-3 MKPs BAD POSH Bim Tau BAX BAX SHC1 GRB2 Apoptosis Apoptosis Insulin Resistance Transcription Neurond Blarity Mitochondrial Translocation Apoptosis Growth Differentiation Infammation Apoptosis Cytoplasm Nucleus FasL,UV Inflammatory Cytokines Oxidative Stress Growth Factors,UV Cellular Stress γ Radiation G12/13-coupled Receptors RTKs
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