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P53 Signaling Pathway

Click on the targets in the map below to find Elabscience products related to the P53 Signaling Pathway.

Ub FasL TRAIL Fas DR4/ DR5/TR10B Cytochrome C P53 P53 P53 Bcl-x Bax Bax Bak cyclophilinD Bax Bax Bcl-2 Caspase Apoptosis BAI1 GADD45 c-Fos CDK2 JNK P38 CSNK1 HIPK2 AKT ATR ATM CAK P-Chek1 P-Chek2 GSK3B BRCA1 PML P-P53 P-P53 AC-P53 AC-P53 CBP Sirt HDAC P300 PCAF PIAS1 HIF1α HIF1α Proteasome Degradation P53 Degradation Hypoxia Cyclin E Cyclin D1 CDK4/6 P-Rb MDM2 Ub-P53 Ub-P53 MDM2 E2F E2F P21 CIP TAP1 PTEN PTEN
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