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Biochemical assay kits are widely used in biochemical experiments. The wide selection of biochemical test kits can apply to the detection of target-related blood lipids, liver function, myocardial enzyme detection, renal function, glucose metabolism, pancreas, etc.
Elabscience Biochemical Kits Advantages of Biochemical Kits
the packing of biochemical kits advantages of biochemical kits
Elabscience biochemical assay kits consist of a complete set of reagents and standards required according to the detection target and a detailed manual for operation. Compared with ELISA kits, biochemical assay kits are more time saving and stable when applying to detection, and without restriction on species.
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Various Sample Types Popular Biochemical Kit
various sample types of biochemical kits popular biochemical kit
Elabscience Biochemical Kits can be used to detect targets in a variety of samples, such as body fluid, tissue, food, etc. Cat Number: E-BC-K036
Detection limit: 0.2c Recovery: 99.5%
Intra CV: 2.11% Inter CV: 5.65%
Detection method: Colorimetric method
Linear range (0.2~50 ╬╝mol/L): R2=0.999
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