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Elabscience cell
Elabscience provides you with stable cell lines that include different tissues and cancerous types of human, rat, and mouse to meet your cell-related research needs.
Elabscience Stable Cell lines Handling of Cryopreserved Cells
colloidal gold rapid test cell immunohistochemistry cell
● STR Authenticate           ● Cell Viability >95% Elabscience cell lines are packaged by dry ice. Here
● Nearly 300 Choices        ● Technical Support >95% are some recommendations for handling of
cryopreserved cells.
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293 [HEK-293] Cell Line 3T3-L1 Cell Line
labeling cell other reagents
Catalog number: EP-CL-0001 Catalog number: EP-CL-0006
Lead Time: 3-5 days     Age: Fetus Lead Time: 3-5 days     Age: Embryo
Tissue: Embryonic kidney Tissue: Embryo
Morphology: Epithelial Morphology: Fibroblast
Growth Properties: Adherent Growth Properties: Adherent
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