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Elabscience kits
In addition to high-quality ELISA kits and CLIA kits, Elabscience also offers multiple biochemical test kits which can meet your various experimental needs.
Colloidal Gold Rapid Test Kits Immunohistochemistry Kits
colloidal gold rapid test kits immunohistochemistry kits
● Quick and Easy Operation ● Sensitive Monoclonal Antibodies
● High Specificity and Sensitivity ● Complete Immunohistochemical Reagents
● Good Reproducibility ● Detailed Guide to the IHC Experiment
● Accurate and Economical ● Accurate and Stable Results
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Labeling Kits Other Reagents
labeling kits other reagents
● All-inclusive ● TMB Substrate
● Convenient and Flexible ● Anti IgG Detection System
● Fluorescence and Biotin ● Chemiluminescent Substrate
● Quick and Perfect Results ● Biotin Quantitative Determination Kit
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