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Two-Step ELISA Kit

Two-Step ELISA Kit is an improvement of the traditional sandwich ELISA Kit. It simplifies the operation process, and only 2 washing steps and 3 incubation steps are required. It shortens the experiment time from 3.5 hours to 2.5 hours without compromising high sensitivity, specificity, accuracy and stability. The Two-Step ELISA Kit guarantees the experiment performance and greatly improve the detection efficiency!

>> Two-Step ELISA Kits for Nephropathy
Why Choose Elabscience Two-Step ELISA Kits?
Time saving: 1 hour less than Traditional ELISA
Easier operation: Remove the calculation and dilution process of Biotinylated Detection Ab, add it directly
Convenient storage: All components are stored at 4℃, avoid influence on validity period due to improper storage
Less risk of mistakes: Easier to distinguish between Biotinylated Detection Ab and Concentrated HRP Conjugate
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Two-Step ELISA Kits( For Nephropathy )
Two-Step Human TF ELISA Kit Two-Step Human MAU ELISA Kit
Two-Step Human BMG/β2-MG ELISA Kit Two-Step Human CRP ELISA Kit
Two-Step Human RBP4 ELISA Kit Two-Step Human IgM ELISA Kit
Two-Step Human Cys-C ELISA Kit Two-Step Human CLU ELISA Kit
Two-Step Human NGAL ELISA Kit Two-Step Human IgG ELISA Kit
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