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Elabscience is always committed to improving the quality and quantity of antibodies to accelerate your research. Welcome to inquiry antibodies from us.

Popular Antibodies of Elabscience Tag Monoclonal Antibodies
antibody packaging western blot analysis
Elabscience has selected a wide range of high quality and popular antibodies (2000 +), including antibodies for important research topics (e.g. tumor, signal transduction, neurobiology, cardiovascular diseases, etc.) Elabscience offers a series of high-quality tag monoclonal antibodies to accelerate your proteins related research. They are used to detect the tag sequence of various commercial expression vectors (Myc, His, Flag, GST, HA, etc)
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Antibody Sampler Kits Acetyl Phospho Methyl Antibody
western blot analysis picture of E.coli
Elabscience's Antibody Sampler Kits are high-quality and cost-efficient, which include specific antibodies directed against cellular responses or signaling pathways and secondary antibodies matched to these antibodies. View more about the diverse collection of Acetyl/Phospho/Methyl Antibody of Elabscience and know how they can meet the needs of your researches.
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