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taking you through the lens of cancer !
Cancer is a group of diseases characterized by autonomous, uncontrolled cell growth and proliferation, and it has become one of the leading causes of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Systematically studying on these malignant diseases will help us find therapeutic strategies to inhibit cancer progression.
Comprehensive understanding of cancer 10 Facts About Cancer
one article to understand cancer 10 facts about cancer
Cancer is a continuing research hotspot. Elabscience summed up an article to take you through the lens of cancer. Here are the 10 facts about cancer which are summarized by WHO after statistical analysis.
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p53:Super Star in Cancer Research Popular Products for Cancer Research
p53 signaling pathway ELISA Kits and antibodies
Here is the p53 signaling pathway to help you better understand the function of Tumor protein p53. Elabscience has a wide range of products including ELISA kits and antibodies for the study associated with cancer.
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