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Human Diseases Detection


A disease refers to the abnormal condition that structure or function of part or all of an organism or body have been affected. Diseases are often defined as a medical condition which associated with a series of specific symptoms. Generally, causes of diseases may include external factors (e.g., pathogens), internal dysfunctions (particularly of the immune system, such as an immunodeficiency) and hypersensitivity, etc. For humans, most diseases can affect people both physically and emotionally, and can make great influence to person's perspective life.

Pathogens detection

Pathogens refer to the microbial and parasites which can cause diseases. Microbial is the majority, which including viruses, chlamydia, Rickettsiqa, mysoplasma, bacterium, spirochetes and fungi. Parasites mainly include protozoa and worms. Pathogens is a kind of parasitic organisms, and the natural host for pathogens are plants, animal and human. There are more than 400 kinds of pathogens that can be infected by humans, they usually exist in the mouth, nose, pharynx, digestive tract, urinary tract and skin, and leads to variety of diseases of the body.

Pathogens detection is used to determinate the infection and its nature. Accurate and quick detection results can realize the early diagnosis and treatment of pathogens infection, which can provide certain guidance for clinical treatment.

Antibodies detection

Generally speaking, for diagnosis of infectious diseases, directly detection of pathogens is the most ideal condition. But the fact that some certain pathogens which require high-level growing condition, long-term growth and low positive rate, there are much difficulty for clinical diagnosis. Therefore, detection of some specific antibodies can make up for this deficiencies on a certain extent.

Firstly, detection of specific antibodies can be used as auxiliary clinical diagnosis, and it is also an important reference index for observation of treatment and prognosis. Secondly, it has special and great significance in the observation of vaccination effect and clinical investigation of infectious diseases and epidemiology.

Solutions for diseases detection

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