COVID-19-pseudovirus for PCR 1.0


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      This product constructed a cell line to produce the ORF1ab and N gene mRNAs of COVID-19 virus stably (see appendix for detailed sequence), and on the basis of this cell line, the preparation of pseudoviruses was completed in the way of lentivirus packaging. This product can be used to verify the ability of COVID-19 virus nucleic acid detection reagent and the performance of the extraction kit. It can be used to carry out testing ability verification and laboratory quality control for COVID-19 virus nucleic acid detection laboratory.

      This product is a pseudovirus obtained by building stable cell lines without plasmid residue or DNA residue. It can be used for ab quality control of the COVID-19 virus nucleic acid detection kit-the whole detection process from RNA extraction to reverse transcription to PCR amplification. 




       1 mL



      COVID-19-pseudovirus for PCR 1.0

       1 mL



       One Copy

      1Target value (log value) 5×10 6 copies/ml

      2This product can be directly used as a template. This product simμlates the viral structure of nCOV, and can also be used as a template after the RNA is extracted as required. The specific extraction method is shown in the Manual.


      1)  The pseudovirus has no pathogenicity and only requires a level P2 laboratory, which can be applied to the detection limit of detection kits in the field of scientific research.

      2)  This product is a fake virus obtained by building stable cell lines without plasmid or DNA residues. It can be used for ab quality control of the novel Coronavirus nucleic acid detection kit.

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      Store at -80°C. To avoid repeated freezing-thawing, it is recommended to store at -80°C in separate packing.


      1)  RNase free reagent and consumables should be used in the experiment.

      2)  Freezing and thawing will reduce the stability of the pseudovirus, thus affecting the nucleic acid extraction effect and PCR detection results. Repeated freezing and thawing should be avoided in use.

      3)  This product is not the full sequence of COVID-19 virus, please carefully confirm whether the selected primer probe is in the coverage area of this product before use. See appendix for virus sequence contained in this product.

      4)  Virus inactivation treatment may cause RNA degradation, so please choose this step reasonably based on the actual situation.

      5)  If it is necessary to dilute the product, PBS, normal saline or RNase Free Water can be used as dilution buffer.

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