Focurose CL-6B

    • CL-6B-Elabscience
    • CL-6B-Elabscience
    • CL-6B-Elabscience

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      Price: $148

      Matrix: Lowly cross-linked 6% agarose

      Particle size range: 45-165 µm

      Average particle size: 90 µm

      Pressure: ≤0.02 MPa

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      Product introduction

      CL-6B is suitable for components separation and moderate purification of biological macromolecules (remove the small molecular weight impurities), such as virus, macromolecule proteins, superhelix DNA, polysaccharide and macromolecular complex. Activated CL-6B can also be used for coupling of affinity ligand.



      1. High (physical and chemical) stability, high recovery rate (up to 95%).

      2. The moderate elution conditions can completely preserve the biological activity and function of biological macromolecules.

      3. Easy to be implemented.

      4. Easy to maintain.


      Performance index


      Lowly crosslinked 6% agarose

      Particle size range

      45-165 µm

      Average particle size

      90 µm

      Fractionation range (Globular proteins)


      pH stability

      3-13 (long term)

      2-14 (short term)

      Chemical stability

      All common buffers, 1M NaOH, 8M urea, 6M Guanidine hydrochloride

      Flow rate

       100-200 cm/h

      (Column bed height: 30 cm. Inner diameter: 5 cm.)

      Maximum flow rate*

      26 cm/h


      0.02 MPa

      Storage buffer

      20% Ethanol

      Storage temperature


      *: Maximum flow rate actually used.

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