Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus Antibodies ELISA Kit

    • Animal Diseases ELISA Kit-Elabscience
    • Animal Diseases ELISA Kit-Elabscience
    • Animal Diseases ELISA Kit-Elabscience
    • Animal Diseases ELISA Kit-Elabscience
    • Animal Diseases ELISA Kit-Elabscience
    • Animal Diseases ELISA Kit-Elabscience

      Catalog number:E-AD-E007

      • 96T
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      Price: $360

      Reactivity: Swine

      Sample type: Serum, Plasma

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      Test principle

      This kit is comprised by ELISA Microtiter plate pre-coated with recombinant Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus (EDV)-N protein, HRP Conjugate and other auxiliary reagents, and apply the principle of enzyme-linked immunoassay (ELISA) to detect porcine EDV antibody of porcine serum, plasma samples. During the experiment, add control serum and samples into the ELISA Microtiter plate. If EDV specific antibodies exist in the samples after incubation, it will be bound with the recombinant protein on the micro-plate. Then wash the plate to remove unbound antibodies and other components, add the HRP Conjugate to specifically bind with the compound of antibody and antigen on the Micro-plate. The unbound HRP Conjugate will be removed by washing. TMB is added into the well, it will react with the enzyme and the products become blue. The color shade is of positive correlation with specific antibody levels in the samples. At last, end the reaction by adding Stop Solution to produce a yellow product. Measure the absorbance value of each well by using a Micro-plate Reader with 450 nm wavelength, then we can know whether there are porcine EDV antibodies in the samples.


      Kit components



      ELISA Microtiter plate

      96 wells

      Dilution plate
      96 wells

      HRP Conjugate

      11 mL

      Sample Diluent

      50 mL

      20×Concentrated Wash Buffer
      40 mL

      Substrate Reagent A

      6 mL

      Substrate Reagent B
      6 mL

      Stop Solution

      6 mL

      Positive Control

      1 mL

      Negative Control

      1 mL

      Plate Sealer

      3 pieces

      Sealed Bag



      1 copy


      Experimental instrument

      Microplate Reader with 450 nm wavelength filter or dual-wavelength (450/630 nm)

      High-precision transferpettor, EP tubes and disposable pipette tips

      37 incubator or water bath

      Deionized or distilled water

      Absorbent paper

      Assay procedure
      1. Number: Take out the micro-plate, set 1 well for blank control and 2 wells for negative/positive control respectively. The unused ELISA Microtiter plate should be sealed as soon as possible and stored at 2~8℃.Double well parallel experiment is recommended for detection.
      2. Add sample: Add 100 µL of sample diluent to the blank control well, add 100 μL of positive/negative control to positive/negative control well, add 100 µL of diluted sample to the sample wells.
      3. Incubate: Gently tap the plate to ensure thorough mixing, incubate at 37℃ for 30 min.
      4. Wash: Aspirate each well and wash, repeat the process 5 times, immerse 30-60 sec each time. Wash by filling each well with wash buffer (approximately 300 μL). Complete removal of liquid at each step is essential. After the last wash, remove remained wash buffer by aspirating or decanting. Invert the plate and pat it against thick clean absorbent paper.
      5. HRP conjugate: Add 100 µL of HRP conjugate into each well (except the blank control well), and incubate at 37℃ for 30 min.
      6. Wash: Repeat step 4 for washing.
      7. Color Development: Add 50 µL of substrate reagent A and 50 µL of substrate reagent B into each well, gently tap the plate to ensure thorough mixing, incubate for 10 min at 37℃. Protect from light.
      8. Stop reaction: Add 50 µL of stop solution into each well, gently mix. 
      9. OD Measurement: Adjusted zero with the blank control, measure the absorbance value (A-value) of each well by using a Micro-plate reader with 450 nm wavelength (or use 630 nm as reference wavelength).

      Storage and Expiry date

      Store at 2~8with shading light for 12 months.

      Please store the opened plate at 2~8, protect from light and moisture. The valid period is 2 months.

      Valid Period: expiration date is on the packing box.

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