SP Focurose 6HF

    • SP-6HF-Elabscience
    • SP-6HF-Elabscience
    • SP-6HF-Elabscience

      Catalog number:E-CM-IE04

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      Price: $265

      Matrix: Highly cross-linked 6% agarose and cellulose

      Particle size range: 45-165 µm

      Average particle size: 90 µm

      Pressure: ≤ 0.3 MPa

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      Product introduction

      SP-6HF is suitable for group-separation, moderate purification and fine purification of all types of charged biomolecules, such as proteins, peptides, nucleic acids, etc.



      1.   Quick, easy, convenient.

      2.   Wide application range. It is suitable for component separation or fine purification of all types of charged biomolecules.

      3.   The purification process is highly flexible, and the purity of the sample can be improved by screening the purification conditions in earlier stage.

      4.   High pressure resistance, high resolution, high binding capacity.


      Performance index




      Highly cross-linked agarose and cellulose

      Particle size range

      45-165 µm

      Average particle size

      90 µm

      Media type

      Strong cation exchanger

      Charged group


      Ionic capacity

      140-220 µmol H+/mL (media)

      Binding capacity

      120 mg Lysyme /mL (media)

      pH stability

      3-14 (short term)

      4-12 (working)

      4-12 (long term)

      Chemical stability

      All of the commonly used buffers, 1M NaOH, 70% Ethanol, 8M urea, 6M Guanidine hydrochloride. Avoid of oxidizing agent, cationic detergents and cationic buffer

      Flow rate

       300-700 cm/h

      (0.3MPa, XK16/40. Column bed height: 30 cm)


      0.3 MPa

      Storage buffer

      0.2M NaAc, 20% Ethanol

      Storage temperature


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