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      Elabscience® TUNEL Apoptosis Assay Kit is a highly sensitive, rapid and simple method for cell apoptosis detection. The result can be detected by fluorescence microscopy.

      This kit is developed to detect tissue (Paraffin embedding, freezing and ultrathin section) and cells (Cell smears, cell climbing smears) in situ apoptotic detection.

      Detection principle

      When cells undergo apoptosis, endonuclease enzymes are activated to cleave the genomic DNA between nucleosomes. When genomic DNA is cleaved, the exposed 3'-OH can be added with a fluorescein dUTP (FITC-12-dUTP) due to the catalysis of Terminal Deoxynucleotidyl Transferase (TdT), apoptosis cells can be detected by fluorescence microscopy. This is the principle of TUNEL (TdT-mediated dUTP Nick-End Labeling) for detecting apoptosis.

      The Enhanced Fluorescein Mix [E-CK-A334D] in the kit contains FITC-12-dUTP and fluorescence enhancement factor. The fluorescence enhancement factor can bind to FITC and enhance the stability amplifies of the signal, which makes the fluorescence brighter and has stronger anti-quenching ability.




      20 Tests

      50 Tests

      100 Tests



      TdT Equilibration Buffer (5 ×)

      700 μL

      900 μL × 2

      3.6 mL



      TdT Enzyme

      20 μL

      50 μL

      100 μL



      Proteinase K (100 ×)

      20 μL

      50 μL

      100 μL



      Enhanced Fluorescein Mix

      100 μL

      250 μL

      500 μL



      DNase I(2 U/μL)

      5 μL

      13 μL

      25 μL



      DNase I Buffer(10 ×)

      100 μL

      250 μL

      500 μL



       One Copy

      Reagent not included

      1.  Cell sample

      Fixative Buffer (Polyformaldehyde dissolved in PBS with final concentration of 4%)(It is recommended to use Elabscience® E-IR-R113).

      Permeablilization Buffer (0.1% Triton-100, It is recommended to use Elabscience® E-IR-R122).

      2.  Paraffin embedding

      Xylene, ethanol, PBS (It is recommended to use Elabscience® E-BC-R187).

      3.  Freezing section

      Fixative Buffer (Polyformaldehyde dissolved in PBS with final concentration of 4%)(It is recommended to use Elabscience® E-IR-R113).

      4.  Other reagents  

                  PBS, ddH2O, DAPI (It is recommended to use ELabscience® E-IR-R103), Anti Fluorescence Quenching Agent (It is recommended to use Elabscience® E-IR-R119).


      Proteinase K (100 ×)[E-CK-A334C] is concentrated, diluted with PBS to 1 × working solution before use.

      For example: take 1 μL Proteinase K (100 ×)[E-CK-A334C], add to 99 μL PBS, the mixture is 1×Proteinase K working solution.


      Store at -20°C. Enhanced Fluorescein Mix [E-CK-A334D] should be stored in dark.


      1.  For maximal assay performance, this reagent should be used within 12 months. Avoid freeze / thaw cycles.

      2.  After washing the slides with PBS, please wipe dry the liquid around the tissue on the slides with absorbent paper.

      3.  Keep the sample moist during the experiment to prevent the failure of the experiment caused by dry slices.

      4.  Prepare the TdT enzyme working solution before use, it can be store on ice for short time, enzyme activity may lose after long-term preservation.

      5.  This kit is for research use only. For your safety and health, please wear lab clothes and gloves. Instructions should be followed strictly, changes of operation may result in unreliable results.


      1. Effects of Homeodomain-Interacting Protein Kinase 2 on Renal Tubular Epithelial Cells
        IF: 3.024
        Journal: European review for medical and pharmacological sciences(2020)
        DOI: 10.26355/eurrev_202006_21520
        PMID: 32572889
        Products: E-CK-A334 
        Sample type: Cell sample
        Reactivity: Rat
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      t**iSubmitted [ Dec 06 2019 ]

      • Application:FCM
      • Description:The experimental results are good, it is good to distinguish apoptotic cells from normal cells, and i will continue to buy products
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      S*********** Submitted [ Mar 17 2021 ]

      Asked: Can it be used in cells not tissues



      adminSubmitted [ Mar 17 2021 ]

      Answered: Hi Showketyahya, Thanks for your inquiry, yes this kit can be used for cell samples. Pls kindly refer to more details from the manual.


      I***hSubmitted [ Mar 04 2021 ]

      Asked: How do u prepare the enhanced fluorescein mix?



      adminSubmitted [ Mar 04 2021 ]

      Answered: Enhanced fluorescein mix is the company's internal information, we can’t offer it.


      A***eSubmitted [ Jan 29 2021 ]

      Asked: Good day. Is the Enhanced Fluorescein Mix provided a mounting medium? Or will that have to be purchased separately? Hoping for a reply soon, Thank you!



      adminSubmitted [ Jan 29 2021 ]

      Answered: The kit does not contain mounting medium. Please purchase E-IR-R119 separately

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