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Pathological Antibodies

With the development of modern medicine and biology, methods for early diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment and prognosis of tumor have been greatly improved. But the determination of tumor still mainly depends on the pathological detection. Histological examination is the basis of diagnosis, classification and clinical treatment of tumors, but the conventional pathological examination can only observe the morphology and acquire limited information from the static image, thus there are a lot of problems cannot be resolved satisfactorily.


Pathological antibodies  are those specific antibodies target for molecular markers of diseases. Pathological antibodies are used for diagnosis and differential diagnosis of diseases (mainly tumors), thus they are required to have high specificity and high sensitivity. Therefore, monoclonal antibodies of high sensitive has been an important tool for tumor pathology diagnosis, which have been widely applied in the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of some difficult diseases, analysis of biological function, occurrence, differentiation and classification of tumor.  


Elabscience® has developed a number of high-quality monoclonal pathological antibodies against various diesases marker (e.g., CD45, CK-5/6, CK-7, p63, etc.), which have been tested by strict quality control and guaranteed with small intra CV, high titer and no cross reactivity.

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