Receive $50 Voucher After Registration


From now on, new members registering on site will obtain $50 voucher. So come to join us!

How to Obtain?
After registering successfully, new members will receive our vouchers in their registered E-mails.

How to Use?
1. If you order online, please fill your code in order process. The amount will automatically save $50 OFF. 

2. If you buy from our distributors, please provide your mail and voucher code. After confirmation, your distributor will save you 

    $50 OFF.

PS: 1. Any user who registers the website maliciously will be disqualified.
       2. To ensure the activity goes smoothly, the registered information needs to be checked when the voucher is used. So the 

           user should fill his real information when registering.
       3. This voucher can only be used to purchase products from elabscience, but cannot be exchanged into cash.
       4. This voucher is effective in the long term, but it can be used only once.

Note:  If you have any question, please feel free to contact us