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Proteins are biological macromolecules composed of one or more polypeptide chains. Proteins are involved in various life activities in cells and organisms, including catalyzing the enzymic reaction in metabolism, providing energy, transporting molecules, regulation of gene expression, redox, electron transfer and neurotransmission in cells, etc. In addition, protein is a vital tool in biological research. The quality of protein products is crucial to study success.

As a biotech company dedicated to providing the best reagents for researchers, Elabscience® provides various protein reagents derived from bacterial, virus, mammalian and other species for assay detection and analysis. Our purified native and recombinant proteins can be applied in a wide variety of applications including ELISA, WB, IP, antibody preparation, protein-protein interaction studies, functional assays, post-translational modification analysis and other biological experiments. Professional protein platform and strict quality control production guarantee the high bioactivity and quality of Elabscience's proteins. 

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