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Elabscience  labeling kit

Elabscience offers Fluorescence Labeling Kits and Biotin Labeling Kits with high-quality for your research. Browse the table below to see what you need.

FITC Labeling Kit CY3 Labeling Kit
Elabscience FITC labeling kit Elabscience CY3 labeling kit
FITC: 0.3 mg/vial×3 Reactive CY3: 0.15 mg/vial×3
Labeling Buffer: 10 mL×1 Labeling Buffer: 10 mL×1
DMF: 500 uL×1 DMF: 500 uL×1
Filtration tube:  0.5 mL/tube×6 Filtration tube:  0.5 mL/tube×6
Catalog Number: EBF0003 Catalog Number: EBF0002
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Some of The Most Popular Labeling Kits of Elabscience
Type Product name Reactive group Experimental time
Fuorescence labeling CY3 Labeling Kit CY3 100 min
FITC Labeling Kit FITC 100 min
Fuorescence labeling Biotin Labeling Kit NH2-Reactive Biotin 90 min
Long-arm Biotin Labeling Kit NH2-Reactive Biotin 90 min
Water-soluble Biotin Labeling Kit Sulfo-NHS-Biotin 90 min
Water-soluble Long-arm Biotin Labeling Kit Sulfo-NHS-LC-LC-Biotin 90 min
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