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Service Introduction

Antibody/protein/peptide labeling technology is a technology that marks some easily detected and highly sensitive substances on the special antigen/antibody molecules. These markers can better display the position and content of the antigen/antibody molecules in the immune response system through their own amplification effect.

Elabscience® provides you with labeling services including fluorochrome labeling, biotin labeling and HRP labeling. Download the labeling service requirements table

Service Features

Fast service, only 1~2 weeks to complete the whole service process

Completed Labeling Service: High success rate of labeling

Wide range of tagged species: Meet your various experimental needs

Service can be provided to help you choose the best experimental scheme

Services Lists

Labeling ContentColorSizePrice
Elab Fluor® Violet 450 labelingBlue0.1/1/5 mg$350/400/1100
FITC labelingGreen0.1/1/5 mg$260/300/800
Cyanine3 labelingGreen0.1/1/5 mg$260/300/800
Elab Fluor® 430 labelingGreen0.1/1/5 mg$350/400/1100
Elab Fluor® 488 labelingGreen0.1/1/5 mg$350/400/1100
R-PE labelingYellow0.1/1/5 mg$400/500/1350
Elab Fluor® 568 labelingOrange0.1/1/5 mg$350/400/1100
Elab Fluor® 594 labelingOrange0.1/1/5 mg$350/400/1100
Cyanine5 labelingRed0.1/1/5 mg$260/300/800
APC labelingRed0.1/1/5 mg$400/500/1350
PerCP labelingRed0.1/1/5 mg$400/500/1350
Elab Fluor® 647 labelingRed0.1/1/5 mg$350/400/1100
Elab Fluor® 680 labelingRed0.1/1/5 mg$350/400/1100
Elab Fluor® 700 labelingFar-Red0.1/1/5 mg$350/400/1100
Elab Fluor® 750 labelingFar-Red0.1/1/5 mg$500/600/1650
Cyanine7 labelingInfrared0.1/1/5 mg$260/300/800
Elab Fluor® Red 780 labelingInfrared0.1/1/5 mg$550/700/1900
Labeling ContentColorSizePrice
PE/Elab Fluor® 594 labelingOrange0.1/1/5 mg$400/500/1350
APC/Cyanine5.5 labelingRed0.1/1/5 mg$400/500/1350
PerCP/Cyanine 5.5 labelingRed0.1/1/5 mg$400/500/1350
PE/Cyanine5 labelingRed0.1/1/5 mg$400/500/1350
PE/Cyanine5.5 labelingFar-Red0.1/1/5 mg$400/500/1350
APC/Cyanine7 labelingInfrared0.1/1/5 mg$400/500/1350
PE/Cyanine7 labelingInfrared0.1/1/5 mg$400/500/1350
Labeling ContentColorSizePrice
HRP labeling-0.1/1/5 mg$260/300/800
Biotin labeling-0.1/1/5 mg$260/300/800
AP labeling-0.1/1/5 mg$350/400/1100

Note: Elab Fluor® is a registered trademark of Elabscience®.

Service Process

  • Customer enquiry information (fill in the labeling service requirements)

  • Analyze feasibility (provide feedback form of labeling service, including information to be confirmed, precautions and quotation)

  • Order information confirmation

  • Conduct sample labeling experiment

  • Deliver the marker sample and COA

The whole process of the service is about 1 to 2 weeks. For more information, please click Technical Support for help.

Download the labeling service requirements table.

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