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PVDF Membrane (0.45 μm)

    • PVDF Membrane(0.45μm)-Elabscience
    • PVDF Membrane(0.45μm)-Elabscience
    • PVDF Membrane(0.45μm)-Elabscience

      Catalog number:E-BC-R266

      • 8.5cm×6cm×10pieces
      • 8.5cm×6cm×20pieces
      • 13.25cm×15cm×10piece
      • 13.25cm×15cm×20piece
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      Compared with nitrocellulose membranes, hydrophobic polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) membranes have various advantages, for example, good mechanical strength, strong protein retention, low background, extensive solvent compatibility, and excellent coloring ability. The PVDF membrane with a pore size of 0.45 μm can be used for most immunoblots and is recommended for proteins with a molecular weight more than 20 kDa.








      PVDF Membrane (0.45 μm, 8.5 cm×6 cm)

      10 pieces

      20 pieces


      PVDF Membrane (0.45 μm, 13.25 cm×15 cm)

      10 pieces

      20 pieces

      Binding ability: Insulin: 85 μg/cm2

                               BSA: 131 μg/cm2

                               Goat IgG: 294 μg/cm2



      1. Soak the PVDF membrane in methanol for 1 min to activate it.

      2. Soak the activated PVDF membrane with deionized water to remove the methanol from the membrane.

      3. Immerse the PVDF membrane in the transfer buffer for 2~3 min, and the blotting filter paper too.

      4. Place the following material in the order of the black plate (negative electrode) - fiber mat - filter paper - gel - PVDF membrane - filter paper - fiber mat - white plate (positive electrode) in order, discharge bubbles, clamp and place in the wet transfer tank.

      5. Follow the Western Blot steps.



      Store at room temperature for 12 months.



      1. Please wear gloves to prevent contamination of the PVDF membrane.

      2. Do not dry the PVDF membrane during the experiment.

      3. If you need other sizes of PVDF membrane and filter paper, please let us know in advance, we will be happy to help you.


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      2. Chuanzhitongluo regulates microglia polarization and inflammatory response in acute ischemic stroke
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