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S100P Monoclonal Antibody


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      • 3mL
      • 6mL
      • 100μL
      • 200μL
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      Reactivity: Human

      Applications: IHC-P

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      Size 3mL/6mL(Ready-to-Use)     100μL/200μL(Concentrated)
      Source Mouse
      Clone No. YN01495m
      Reactivity Human
      Application IHC-P
      Background S100P is a member of S100 protein family. Its abnormal expression in tumor plays an important role in tumor growth, proliferation, invasion and metastasis through various signaling pathways. It is highly expressed in placenta and pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma, but not in benign ductal and acinar glands. S100P is reported to be expressed in all infiltrating components of intraductal papillary mucinous tumors, including nerves, lymph nodes, and microinfiltrates. S100P is strongly positive in 90% of primary cancer bile duct biopsies, but negative in benign biopsies. Therefore, S100P can help us distinguish cancer from reactive epithelial changes in bile duct biopsies. At the same time, S100P is one of the specific markers of urothelial carcinoma.


      Immunohistochemistry of paraffinembedded Human melanoma tissue with S100P Monoclonal Antibody(Antigen repaired by EDTA).

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