Triglyceride (TG) Colorimetric Assay Kit (Single Reagent, GPO-PAP Method)

    • Biochemical Assay Kit-Elabscience
    • Biochemical Assay Kit-Elabscience
    • Biochemical Assay Kit-Elabscience

      Catalog number:E-BC-K238

      • 96T
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      Price: $150
      Can detect 92 samples if without duplication

      Detection method: Colorimetric method

      Detection instrument: Microplate reader(510 nm), Biochemistry analyzer(510 nm)

      Lead Time: 7~10 daysWelcome to order from local distributors.

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      Detection principle

      The color depth of the generated quinones is directly proportional to the triglyceride content. The absorbance values of the standard tube and the sample tube are measured respectively, and the triglyceride content in the sample can be calculated.

      Performance characteristics

      Synonyms TG
      Sample type serum,plasma,cells,culture supernatant
      Detection range 0-9.04 mmol/L
      Storage 2-8℃
      Valid period 6 months
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      Y***********oSubmitted [ Jun 25 2018 ]

      Asked: I saw \"for in vitro determination of TG content\". I\'m looking for a in vivo TG content kit for mouse skeletal muscle tissue. In manual, you suggested that \"tissue sample\" uses in sample preparation. Therefore, please request my question.



      adminSubmitted [ Jun 25 2018 ]

      Answered: For item E-BC-K238 Triglyceride Assay Kit (Single reagent, GPO-PAP Method), it applies to the animal tissue for in vitro determation, rather than in vivo animal. Hope it is helpful for you.

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